12 February 2021 I Am Shaking - Kristin Frazer

I Am Shaking – Kristin Frazer (3 Verses)

I Am Shaking : Lyrics

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Meter 87 87 D.

1. I’m shaking, shaking, shaking
Up the Heaven and the Earth;
There’s a falling, falling, falling
Like the world has never seen!
And the world is shaking, shaking,
By the mighty hand of God,
That is writing, writing, writing
All our deeds upon the wall.

2. Hope is standing in the rubble
Of the shaking, shaking, shake
Witnessing the stripping, stripping
Of the multi-layers of fake;
And the hand of God is writing
All our deeds upon the wall
While powerful knees are bending
To the greatest ONE of all!

3. Hope takes comfort in the shaking
Of the structures of the world!
There is beauty in destruction:
Stripping, falling, stripping stripped
To reclaim, rebuild, and restore
The Kingdom of our Maker,
Who can never, never falter
Our Creator, Redeemer!

Lyrics © 2020 Verna Penn Moll. All Rights Reserved. Based on Haggai 2:6-7 & Hebrews 12: 26-28

I Am Shaking is sung here by accomplished musician and Virgin Islander, Kristin Frazer who began her singing career at an early age. She has appeared on CD recordings with multiple Virgin Island gospel artists and has also displayed her vocal talents through live performances as a back-up singer with Gospel Caribbean Legend Carlene Davis and American Gospel Singer Kim Burrell.


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