30 November 2021


Funintun BookFunintun Book

Funintun’s Christmas

FUNINTUN’S CHRISTMAS’ by Verna Penn Moll, is the book of the SEASON!

Reviewers Say:

Funintun’s Christmas embraces

  • our Virgin Islands traditional and cultural Chrismas customs
  • the thoughts and actions which shaped the Virgin Islands character

Funintun’s Christmas introduces

  • various historical themes;
  • a sense of unity and belonging, of values and country pride;
  • innocent profundity


Funintun’s Christmas is –

  • a recollection, a gathering, a remembrance of both hardships and joys
  • It is a self-definition
  • It is a model for a future series of indigenous writing for children
  • It is an articulation of seven collective principles of harvest:
  • Unity, Self- determination, Collective work and responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity, and Faith.


FUNINTUN’S CHRISTMAS is the definitive Virgin Islands Christmas book, which we should all read and give as presents this year.

Funintun Booker;”>Use the Contact page to obtain copies 

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