13 August 2021

Catharsis, come now

Catharsis, Come now

Catharsis, come now to rid

This burden of storm:

Dark skies with heavy clouds

Break in torrents upon my head.

Catharsis, come!

Come be with me, to talk,

Or let your presence

Be balm, soothing the pain

Of things only the spirit groans.

Catharsis, come!


Ye songs of ancient rhyme

And spirituals,

Come tune my soul, to rid

Of bitterness, and make it whole.

Catharsis, come!

Come play your violin

To drown the voices

Of doubt without, within

That rally with abandonment.

Catharsis, come!


Bring me some paint and brush

And let me track trace

The image God designed;

Or let me view what makes me new.

Catharsis, come!

Come walk with me, into

The deep shade of trees

Stirring with life and breeze

To exhale, and breathe new breath.

Catharsis, come!

Come play with me and stage

What was, and is to be;

Let me see life restored,

Life renewed, awaiting me.

Catharsis, come!




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