2 February 2021 Coals of Fire

Coals of Fire 1998

Coals of Fire. Verna Penn Moll. England:Cedar Tree Books, 1998. (The Development of the Caribbean Fireplace, Cooking facilities and Fireplace Technology, with traditional customs, myths and sayings.  Illustrated by Joseph Hodge)  The author reminds us of the contributions the earliest Virgin Islanders, the Siboney Indians and later immigrants, Europeans and Africans played in developing the fireplace, […]

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2 February 2021 Legacy: Poems

Legacy: Poems

Legacy: Poems Verna Penn Moll. England, UK: Cedar Tree Books, 1997. $15.95  USC (Paperback) (New) An anthology of poems in praise of the Virgin Islands but applicable worldwide, written while the author spent many years away from her native home. Reviews Verna Penn Moll writes with simplicity of structure and a clarity that brings her […]

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2 February 2021 Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands: World Bibliographical Series

Virgin Islands: World Bibliographical Series Volume 138. Verna Penn Moll. Oxford, England: Clio Press Ltd, 1991 The Virgin Islands group is situated in the Caribbean arc, which extends from North to South America, separating the American Mediterranean from the Atlantic Ocean. The group forms one ecological system and consists of seven main Islands and over […]

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