2 February 2021 Johnny-Cake Country

Johnny-Cake Country

Johnny-Cake Country. Verna Penn Moll. Essex, England: Mount Sage Press, 1990.  Johnny-Cake Country, a first novel, is where the Caribbean beats out a rhythm for its songs….and where inevitable progress more often than not is accompanied by corrosive influences. Therefore, each character, consciously or not,  does his/her bit to preserve what is left of the […]

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2 February 2021 Funintun’s Christmas

Funintun’s Christmas 2017

Funintun’s Christmas, 2nd edition. Verna Penn Moll. Tortola, BVI: Cedar Tree Press,  2020 The original ‘Funintun’s Christmas‘ was published in 2015 and went out-of-print within nine months, leaving a few orders still unfilled. The need for a reprint became even more evident after devastating floods and storms destroyed so many libraries and books in the Virgin […]

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