3 February 2021 Snapshots Of The Past

Snapshots of the Past: Selections From the Old Pictures Exhibition, 2007

Snapshots of the Past: Selections from the Old Pictures Competition, 2007. Verna Penn Moll, Editor. Road Town, Tortola BVIs: Virgin Islands National Archives, 2010. ‘Snapshots of the Past: Selections from the Old Pictures Competition, 2007’, is a picture gallery selected from the Old Pictures Exhibition, sponsored by the Archives Unit and the Friends of the […]

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2 February 2021 Where I See The Sun

Where I See The Sun

Where I See The Sun Contemporary Poetry In The Virgin Islands. Lasana M Sekou, Editor. St. Martin, Caribbean: House of Nehesi Publishers, 2016. Paperback: $20.00 USC The anthology comprises poetry from 26 poets, including Eileene L. Parsons, Patricia Turnbull, Verna Penn Moll, Natalio Wheatley (Sowande Uhuru), Richard Georges, Quincy Lettsome, Traci O’Dea, Joe O’Neill, Adell Semper, […]

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2 February 2021 Johnny-Cake Country

Johnny-Cake Country

Johnny-Cake Country. Verna Penn Moll. Essex, England: Mount Sage Press, 1990.  Johnny-Cake Country, a first novel, is where the Caribbean beats out a rhythm for its songs….and where inevitable progress more often than not is accompanied by corrosive influences. Therefore, each character, consciously or not,  does his/her bit to preserve what is left of the […]

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2 February 2021 Funintun’s Christmas

Funintun’s Christmas 2017

Funintun’s Christmas, 2nd edition. Verna Penn Moll. Tortola, BVI: Cedar Tree Press,  2020 The original ‘Funintun’s Christmas‘ was published in 2015 and went out-of-print within nine months, leaving a few orders still unfilled. The need for a reprint became even more evident after devastating floods and storms destroyed so many libraries and books in the Virgin […]

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2 February 2021 Coals of Fire

Coals of Fire 1998

Coals of Fire. Verna Penn Moll. England:Cedar Tree Books, 1998. (The Development of the Caribbean Fireplace, Cooking facilities and Fireplace Technology, with traditional customs, myths and sayings.  Illustrated by Joseph Hodge)  The author reminds us of the contributions the earliest Virgin Islanders, the Siboney Indians and later immigrants, Europeans and Africans played in developing the fireplace, […]

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2 February 2021 Legacy: Poems

Legacy: Poems

Legacy: Poems Verna Penn Moll. England, UK: Cedar Tree Books, 1997. $15.95  USC (Paperback) (New) An anthology of poems in praise of the Virgin Islands but applicable worldwide, written while the author spent many years away from her native home. Reviews Verna Penn Moll writes with simplicity of structure and a clarity that brings her […]

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