11 December 2021

Johnny-Cake Country celebrates 31 years

Johnny Cake Country Celebrates  31 years! “Johnny Cake Country” by Verna Penn Moll celebrates thirty-one  (31) years of publication with a book signing party for a second revised edition. The first edition of Johnny-Cake Country published in 1990, travelled to libraries, institutions and homes around the world, including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Africa and Caribbean. […]

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30 November 2021


Funintun BookFunintun Book Funintun’s Christmas ‘FUNINTUN’S CHRISTMAS’ by Verna Penn Moll, is the book of the SEASON! Reviewers Say: Funintun’s Christmas embraces – our Virgin Islands traditional and cultural Chrismas customs the thoughts and actions which shaped the Virgin Islands character Funintun’s Christmas introduces – various historical themes; a sense of unity and belonging, of […]

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15 August 2021

Poetic Prayers: Where Cultures Meet

Poetic Prayers: Where Cultures Meet. Verna Ernestine Penn Moll. Road Town, Virgin Islands: Virgin Islands Millennium Committee, 1999.    ‘Poetic Prayers: Where Cultures Meet,’ was inspired when the author Verna Ernestine Penn Moll attended a spiritual retreat (sponsored by the St. Michael Church, Colchester, England, at Ringsfield in…., UK), which explored the spirituality of early Christian […]

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28 April 2021 The Silence Of Gethsemane

The Silence Of Gethsemane

The Silence Of Gethsemane ‘Twas the silence Of the garden That heard the agony Of conflict and struggle Waging battle With light and darkness. It was settled In the bitter cup Of suffering Ere the silence Heard the agony In dark Gethsemane. From the moment of acceptance The cross loomed ahead In gory ugliness, Wilful […]

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28 April 2021 Love is Forever

Love is Forever

Love is Forever For St Valentine’s Day Love is forever! enduring as the sun; Love’s not emotion on run nor sours by the hour, Love’s a creative power. Love is forever! Though often somersaulting like erupting volcano; ‘Til flames touch the skies praying that love never dies. Love catches the ray of evening’s setting sun […]

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28 April 2021 Before The Cross Of Calvary

Before the Cross of Calvary

For the Lenten Season        Before the Cross of Calvary Before the cross of Calvary, Jesus went to Gethsemane For solitude, prayer, and rest; When His agony took the test Jesus prayed in Gethsemane; Three times He prayed, for you and me! From joyous supper with his friends He descended to dreaded ends […]

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27 April 2021 Amazing Spring

Amazing Spring

Amazing Spring Spring comes with its lengthening days Enticing the earth to receive And share rain with seedling’s sprout! We stand amazed as buds unfold And young of animals leap out. We fall in love with love again, Agree to every noble thing, Take in beauty earth unfurls And bathe ourselves with cleansing vows In […]

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