11 December 2021

Johnny-Cake Country celebrates 31 years

Johnny Cake Country Celebrates  31 years! “Johnny Cake Country” by Verna Penn Moll celebrates thirty-one  (31) years of publication with a book signing party for a second revised edition. The first edition of Johnny-Cake Country published in 1990, travelled to libraries, institutions and homes around the world, including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Africa and Caribbean. […]

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30 November 2021


Funintun BookFunintun Book Funintun’s Christmas ‘FUNINTUN’S CHRISTMAS’ by Verna Penn Moll, is the book of the SEASON! Reviewers Say: Funintun’s Christmas embraces – our Virgin Islands traditional and cultural Chrismas customs the thoughts and actions which shaped the Virgin Islands character Funintun’s Christmas introduces – various historical themes; a sense of unity and belonging, of […]

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15 August 2021

Poetic Prayers: Where Cultures Meet

Poetic Prayers: Where Cultures Meet. Verna Ernestine Penn Moll. Road Town, Virgin Islands: Virgin Islands Millennium Committee, 1999.    ‘Poetic Prayers: Where Cultures Meet,’ was inspired when the author Verna Ernestine Penn Moll attended a spiritual retreat (sponsored by the St. Michael Church, Colchester, England, at Ringsfield in…., UK), which explored the spirituality of early Christian […]

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3 February 2021 Snapshots Of The Past

Snapshots of the Past: Selections From the Old Pictures Exhibition, 2007

Snapshots of the Past: Selections from the Old Pictures Competition, 2007. Verna Penn Moll, Editor. Road Town, Tortola BVIs: Virgin Islands National Archives, 2010. ‘Snapshots of the Past: Selections from the Old Pictures Competition, 2007’, is a picture gallery selected from the Old Pictures Exhibition, sponsored by the Archives Unit and the Friends of the […]

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